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Retirement Planning

Just as every investor's tolerance for risk is different, the same can be said of an individuals needs when it comes to retirement. There are many factors needed to be considered when planning for retirement. Such as:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Car payments
  • Medical cost
  • Utilities
  • Insurances
  • Dependents
  • Travel, etc.

Before you can determine how much money you will need to accumulate, you must first determine your desired lifestyle and annual costs associated with that lifestyle. There is an old rule of thumb that says you will need approximately 80% of your current income to maintain the same lifestyle as when you were working. This may be true for most, but not for the individuals who want to increase their spending in their retirement years with a new home somewhere warm or for those who want to travel extensively.

Once you have determined the amount of income you would expect to need in your retirement years, a WWK representative can help you determine some investment and savings goals.

Retirement Calculator

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