Independent Intermediary

At WWK, we maintain a completely independent view. We pride ourselves on placing our clients’ best interest first. While publicly held brokerage firms must balance the needs of the firm, advisors, shareholders and investors, our commitment is to our clients. Our integrity is our greatest asset.

Privately Owned

We have an immediate interest not only in our client’s satisfaction, but in our reputation as well. We realize the importance of our reputation and work to insure that all of our clients’ needs are being addressed in a timely manner. Some firms may struggle with the turnover of advisors, leading to a number of different advisors throughout the years. In our case, this is not only our “job”; it is our career.

No Proprietary Products

Many large brokerage firms have proprietary products. These companies and their advisors may have a financial incentive in selling these products.

No Revenue Sharing

WWK does not accept any revenue sharing from any mutual fund or insurance companies, nor do we have any financial allegiances to any money management firms. Our portfolios are based solely on the results of our Investment Selection Process.

In-Depth Research

Our representatives receive regular specialized training from a number of the world’s largest insurance and mutual fund companies, as well as numerous meetings with third party administrative firms. This training includes personal meetings, conference calls, and webcasts with portfolio managers, analysts, and industry specialists. During these meetings, various topics are covered including current economic conditions, investment strategies, client services, and changes in the law that may affect the financial industry and our clients.

We recognize the importance of “kicking the bricks” and actually visit these institutions on-site. Over the last two decades, our representatives conducted due diligence with firms in Pittsburgh, Chicago, San Antonio, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Indianapolis, Mobile, Washington D.C. and London, England. It’s not good enough to select investment choices by the “star” rating. Many invaluable lessons have come directly from these visits.