Special Needs Planning

Financial Planning

As a parent with a special needs child, the list of things to worry about is endless. The one area no one wants to think about is what will life be like for them when you are gone. While it is not a pleasant thought, it is an unfortunate reality. The majority of children with special needs are very healthy individuals and should outlive their parents by decades. While its safe to say every parent of a child with special needs would like to make their lives as comfortable as possible, the vast majority have not established a plan to do so.

Planning becomes critical as a number of facets are intertwined. It’s not just the planning for your child. The planning for your loved one could impact the decisions you make on your own benefits. At WWK, we believe that creating a detailed Financial Plan is crucial to ensuring a comfortable life for your loved one.

Our Multi-Generational Income Planning Brochure delves deeper into these options.

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