Important Beginning Steps

Thinking about all the tasks that need to be completed can easily be overwhelming. The best way to tackle any big task is to break it down into small, more manageable tasks.



Here are a few important beginning steps:

  1. Education & Therapy Plan – The right education plan combined with the necessary therapies can significantly improve the life of your loved one.
  2. Life Plan – This is a road map for future caregivers which includes unique details of the likes and dislikes and your wishes for their care.
  3. Estate Plan – It’s important to establish a Will, Power of Attorney (POA) and a Medical Directive. Trusts are not always necessary at this step. It’s also important to review your beneficiaries.
  4. Employer Benefits – It is important to review the benefits you have available from your employer. Additionally, you should conduct an in-depth review of the benefits of a potential new job before accepting.
  5. Government Benefits – Benefits could include Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicaid, Medicare, among others.

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